About Us

Flow Films is a James Beard Foundation Award-winning production company.  We strive to put authenticity on film, whether it’s for a winery in Sonoma or documentary in Lithuania. Flow Films blends together a talented group of film, lifestyle, and culinary industry professionals to create great things.

Tell Your Story

Today’s consumer wants more than pre-packaged fluff and flash. They’re looking for meaty content and nuanced stories that are so much more than a cookie-cutter ad campaign. Just as savvy shoppers are getting to know the land where their vegetables are grown, they are equally concerned about the ‘substance’ from which their vendors are made. They want to know who you are: your story, what you believe in and what you’re passionate about.

If a picture tells a 1,000 words, film animates those words and infuses them with breadth. Film captures the sizzle of anticipation; the hunger in a quiet moment; the slow, unfolding smile of complete satisfaction. Film is feeling, it’s history, it’s the most complete way to communicate to your audience.

Flow Films is made up of dedicated storytellers from all over the world. We’ve spun our tales in movies, online, books, magazines, et cetera. We’re more than a marketing company – we’re here to make your story come to life.