The Scent of Black (France)

Due to its extraordinary quality, these rich, full-bodied wines were favored by Popes and Russian Tsars as far back as the 12th century.

Hilly and remote Cahors, tucked away in the corner of Southwest France, has been producing wines made from the Malbec grape for centuries.

The region is also famous for black truffles. The same poor limestone soil that is responsible for such acclaimed wines also produces the tuber melanosporum. It’s not surprising that the inky wines of Cahors and earthy black truffles are often an excellent pairing.

Flow Films was commissioned by the regional consortium of wine producers to create a short film to highlight the landscape, the vineyards, chefs, and wine producers of this sometimes overlooked region in France.

This film received the James Beard Foundation Award in 2011.


  • Official Selection, Oenovideo Film Festival (Arbois, France), 2011.
  • Official Selection, Dogliani Film Festival (Dogliani, Italy), 2011.


The Details

The Scent of Black
Union Interprofessionelle des Vins de Cahors (UIVC)
Documentary Short Film
Running time
12 min.
French, English
HD 1080P